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New Module Add to PLC with Logix Designer

How to Create New Module on Studio 5000

We will talk about how to add modules to the PLC. Adding a new module or device to the PLC is simple in the Logix Designer program.
If we do not need the EDS file, that is, if the module we will add is defined in the program, we can do these operations with a few clicks.
If you will generally add rockwell products and your Logix Designer Studio 5000 program is up to date, the module you will probably add will appear in the list with the EDS file file as defined.
In order to add modules and devices that do not have an EDS file (electronic data sheet) file, I will be sharing with another post later.
It is necessary to be offline to add a new module to the PLC. If you are online to PLC, you cannot add devices.

To add the module, right-click on the Backplane section and press the New Module button.

plc programming img 5f19e5937b139 plc

Find the module by typing the name, type or catalog number of the module or device you want to add in the search field on the screen.

plc programming img 5f19ed03ba648 plc

Please follow the below link for EDS file download. (If you can’t find your device in this list.)

EDS File Download

Allen-Bradley PLC EDS file download

First we will add an ethernet switch and then we will add a driver connected to the ethernet switch.
Ethernet Switch with catalog number 1756-EN2T
Ip address: We will set it as

plc programming img 5f1b42fdb3e70 plc

We find the ethernet switch that we will add by typing 1756-EN2T in the search section. And then we continue the process of adding by pressing the Create button.
We make our settings in the window that contains the settings for the 1756-EN2T device.

plc programming img 5f1b44a26c187 plc

You can activate the Time sync feature by pressing the Change button.

If you are going to add a motion driver (like as Kinetix driver or Sercos), you must make this setting, otherwise you will get an error.

With the same method, you can add ethernet devices under the ethernet switch or add other modules to the plc mainframe.
If you have a device that works with DeviceNet or ControlNet, you can add these devices under this card after adding the scanner card.
You can also add your PLC CPU to the main chassis with the same method.

Our next post will be to add a PowerFlex AC drive using the Ethernet infrastructure under the ethernet switch we added.
You can read our article from the link below.

How to add PowerFlex Drive to Logix Designer?

How to add PowerFlex AC Drive to Studio 5000 Project