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Siemens PLC Drive Motor Start Stop

Siemens PLC Programming Drive Motor

Regarding the previous article (Siemens Tia Portal).

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Let’s take an example and show step by step. In order to drive a DC Motor 30 seconds by a button (START and STOP), the following ladder diagram can be used. We choose the first block. It is a “normally open” switch.

plc programming network1 plc

Switch input label will be START button. We will adjust its label and adress.

plc programming network2 plc

Click the right button on Start instruction and choose Define tag.

plc programming siemenstag plc

Choose the Start button’s address and click the Define button. Start button’s address is I0.0

plc programming inputsiemens plc

We will do the same things like START button with STOP button. Stop button’s address will be I0.1

This is your choice. You have no constraints on it.

plc programming siemensadresss plc

Now double click Add new block. Because we need Timer for our problem.

plc programming siemens1 plc

Choose Data Block. From Type, so you can choose whatever you need. And we chosed IEC_Timer  then click OK.

plc programming siemens new block plc

Data_block_1[DB1] is added. Double click Main [OB1] and turn back our LAD diagram.

plc programming siemensdatablock plc

Add TON timer relay from Basic Instructions is selected. And click unknown information on and under the timer. Our time is millisecond at the program. You need to give attention. Also we will give its label ‘’Data_block_1’’. You can see our explanations at the following figures.

plc programming datanetworksiemens plc

Network 2

plc programming siemensneet2 plc

Add new button. Its our timer’s output contact.

plc programming siemensnetwork2 plc

We will add output coil. Its label will be MOTOR.

plc programming SiemensMotor plc

Click right and specify its properties and click Define button again.

plc programming DefineButton plc

Click Save project.

plc programming Save Project plc

This icon is downloading our program to CPU. Also you know Main[OB1] is interface between PC and CPU. Click download icon and continue.

Choose PN/IE and Intel® 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection. And click the Start Search button.

plc programming Networkconn plc

Search is completed. Choose PLC_2 device and click the Load button.

plc programming siemensload plc

Choose Stop all and click Load again. And then click Finish button. Finally, you completed compiling process.

plc programming loadpreview plc

plc programming iconclick plc

Now click this icon for simulation

plc programming monitoringsiemens plc

If you open I0.0(START) input then 30 seconds later, the motor will be loaded. Let’s do that.

plc programming mainsiemens plc

And finally, we completed the program task.

plc programming finalsiemens plc