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Allen-Bradley PLC EDS file download

EDS File Download

If you search the EDS file you are looking for by typing it on google. It will direct you to the link on the Rockwell site.
For example, the result we found on the Rockwell site for the Power Flex 525 drive EDS file will be as follows.

plc programming img 5f19ee59d18b3 plc

Here we click the select file button and download the file we want about the PowerFlex 525 drive.

plc programming img 5f19ee911059e plc

Since we are interested in the EDS file, we simply select this and click on the basket above it.

plc programming img 5f19eefb77f8a plc

Afterward, we accept the contract we come across and download the EDS file to our computer.
If you choose the direct download option on the download page, the download process starts with your internet browser. Otherwise, the download program used by Rockwell company will be downloaded via this program.
I usually download the direct download option.

plc programming img 5f19efe722c98 plc

After the direct download option, a page like the one below will open, you can download your file to your computer by clicking the link here.

plc programming img 5f19f057c89d9 plc

When you open the zip file you downloaded, you will see different folders containing all eds files related to power flex 525 drive.
You can install them all if you want, or
Whichever EtherNetIP, DeviceNet or ControlNet communication infrastructures you will use, you can also load these EDS files from the relevant folder. Since we will use Ethernet/IP infrastructure and i will only install the files in this folder.

plc programming img 5f19f0d92eb4b plc

Now let’s talk about how to install EDS files. 🙂

For EDS file installation please follow bellow link

EDS File Installation via RSLinx EDS Hardware Installation Tool