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EDS File Installation via RSLinx EDS Hardware Installation Tool

EDS Hardware Installation Tool

We will use the EDS Hardware Installation Tool program that comes with RSLinx to load Allen Bradley EDS files.
Type eds in the search section and run it after finding the program.

plc programming img 5f19fd3c5eafb plc

You will be presented with the wizard window to add and remove EDS like the picture below.

plc programming img 5f19fdb094997 plc

Since we want to add EDS files that we downloaded from Rockwell site before, we will pass this window with the Add button here.

plc programming img 5f19fe6179505 plc

Register a single file: If we are going to add a single EDS file, we can choose this option and continue.
Register a directory of EDS files: After selecting this option to add multiple EDS files at the same time, let’s activate the Look in Subfolders option to include subfolders.

plc programming img 5f19fee500c24 plc

Let’s select the EDS folder we have downloaded for the PowerFlex 525 Ethernet / IP driver by clicking the Browse button and selecting its path.

plc programming img 5f19ff277b3c8 plc

Then, after clicking the OK button, let’s move to the upload window of EDS files with Next.

plc programming img 5f19ffd08f48d plc

As seen in the picture below, EDS has read the information in the files and shows us what to upload.
We continue with the Next button to continue the installation.

plc programming img 5f1a000ed79a4 plc

Next again for register.

plc programming img 5f1a005da3bad plc

And installation completed.

plc programming img 5f1a008578d23 plc