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How to add PowerFlex AC Drive to Studio 5000 Project

Allen Bradley Power Flex AC Driver

Allen Bradley Power Flex AC drives can communicate with the desired communication protocol by installing Ethernet/IP, ControlNet, and DeviceNet modules.
In the main chassis, we will continue with the article where Control Logix PLC is located and we added an ethernet module in our previous article.

New Module Add to PLC with Logix Designer

You can see what we will add below picture PowerFlex AC Driver

PowerFlex 525 AC Driver





We need to be offline to add the driver to our plc project.

Right-click on the Ethernet icon located under the 1756-EN2T Ethernet card and go to the add device page with the New Module button.

plc programming img 5f1b4dd734686 plc


We have more than one PowerFlex 525. We select the PowerFlex 525 via Embedded Ethernet and proceed to the settings window with the Create button.

plc programming img 5f1b4e7b2c475 plc

We set the Power Flex 525 driver’s settings as below.

plc programming img 5f1b7c06648ce plc

If you connected a physical drive, you should manually enter the IP address, Subnet address, and Gateway settings manually as follows.

plc programming img 5f1b7c8b2cadd plc

Then, when we press the Create button, our driver will be added under our 1756-EN2T ethernet card.

plc programming img 5f1b7cf97036c plc

In the picture below, you can see the version of our PowerFlex 525 drive added in our PLC project.

plc programming img 5f1b7d259c3e2 plc

After saving our project, we can download it to PLC.

You can review our article on how to download the program to PLC.

PLC Program Download to Studio 5000 Emulator