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How to learn plc programming

If you want to be a good PLC programmer, you will search and you need have start immediately work, how you will work and how you will do, you will learn in this article.

How do I become a plc automation programmer?

You can use emulator programs to learn PLC or look at sample plc programs by following our blog. Take advantage of the starting videos to learn the plc programs, especially in the first stage. For example,
To learn Allen Bradley plc programming, you can browse the articles on our site or watch videos on the youtube channel. You can still purchase courses on plc programming on Udemy.

Should I buy a PLC?

First of all, I recommend you to buy real plc with videos, then emulator programs and then absolutely. You can find second-hand plc in the market, I think these are enough for you in the first place. You can understand the programming logic by working with the emulator, but you will learn a lot of things with connections and programming in real CPU.

When buying a PLC, it is useful to choose models with 24-volt input and output. And the fact that the input and outputs are on the plc, that is, it has a compact structure, allows you not to pay much money. Then you can start to work about HMI SCADA with real plc.

plc programming learn plc programming 1 plc

After receiving a PLC, you can first work with counters and timers in the plc and then create a programming logic with sequencers. With the inputs you can give to PLC from outside, how to connect in PLC, you can make real applications with analog sensors.

You can find cheap sensors on the market. On the output side, you can test your outputs with contactors or lamps. Actually, there is no need for this, you can test the plc outputs with the led outputs on the plc.


How you can start to plc programming at Home?

If you want to be good in Siemens Plc,  it is recommended to start with the S7-300. Or if you want to know Allen Bradley plc, you can start with Compact Logix. As I mentioned above,  you can download the emulator programs of the relevant PLCs. And test yourself there in terms of programming.