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PLC Controller Firmware Upgrade

When you buy the plc CPU for the first time, you need to upgrade to the appropriate version for your program.
If your program is written with version 30, you need to upgrade your CPU to version 30. CPUs come as version 1 by default. You can easily upgrade the CPUs of PLCs with Firmware upgrade as follows.
Let’s see how it works with an example.

You can choose to upgrade controller firmware by using one of these tools:
• ControlFLASH™ software that is packaged with the Studio 5000® environment
• AutoFlash feature of the Logix Designer application

Firmware Required for Controllers

ControllerSeriesUse this firmware revision
1756-L61A12.x or later
B13.40 or later
1756-L62A12.x or later
B13.40 or later
1756-L63A•         If not using a CompactFlash card, 10.x or later

•         If using a CompactFlash card, 11.x or later

B13.40 or later
1756-L63XTB13.40 or later
1756-L64B16 or later
1756-L65B17 or later
1756-L71A20 or later
1756-L72A19 or later
1756-L72EROMA19 or later
1756-L73A19 or later
1756-L73XTA19 or later
1756-L73EROMA19 or later
1756-L74A19 or later
1756-L75A19 or later

Use ControlFLASH Software to Upgrade Firmware

To upgrade your controller firmware with ControlFLASH software, complete these steps.

IMPORTANT   If the SD card is locked and the Load Image option of the store project is set to On Power Up, the controller firmware is not updated as a result of these steps. The previously stored firmware and project are loaded instead.

  1. Verify that the network connection is made and the network driver has been configured in RSLinx.
  2. Start ControlFLASH software and click Next to begin the upgrade process
    plc programming img 5ff9aeff1f319 plc
  3. Select the catalog number of your controller and click Next.

    plc programming img 5ff9af56001af plc

  4. Expand the network driver to locate your controller.
  5. Select the controller and click.
  6. Select the desired firmware revision and clickplc programming img 5ff9afa11bba4 plc

    plc programming img 5ff9afb219ca4 plc

  7.  Click to Finish button.

    plc programming img 5ff9afe7d1afa plc

  8. When a confirmation dialog box appears, click Yes.plc programming img 5ff9b1c69ca27 plcBefore the firmware update begins, this dialog box appears. Take the required action for your application. In this example, the upgrade continues when you click OK.

    plc programming img 5ff9b1e6ddc74 plc

    A progress dialog box indicates the progress of the firmware upgrade. The 1756-L7x controllers show progress in updates and blocks. The 1756-L6x controllers show progress only in blocks.

    When the upgrade is complete, the Update Status dialog box indicates that the upgrade is complete.

  9.  Click OK button.

    plc programming img 5ff9b243770b6 plc

  10. Close ControlFLASH software.