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Connect to PLC via USB cable

If the controller (usually 1756-L7x ControlLogix and over ) has a USB port that uses a Type B receptacle. The port is USB2.0 compatible and runs at 12 Mbps. to use the USB port of the controller, you must have RSLinx® software, version 2.56 or later, installed on your workstation. Use a USB cable to connect your workstation to the USB port. With this connection, you can upgrade firmware and download programs to the controller directly from your workstation.

plc programming img 5ff9a053f28df plc

Configure the USB Driver

To configure RSLinx software to use a USB port, you must first configure a USB driver.
To configure a USB driver, perform this procedure.
1. Connect your controller and workstation by using a USB cable. The Found New Hardware Wizard dialog box appears.
plc programming img 5ff9a0a47c1e4 plc
2.Click any of the Windows Update connection options and click Next.

3.Click Install the software automatically (Recommended) and click Next. The software is installed.

plc programming rockwell automation usb cip plc

4. Click Finish to configure your USB driver.
5. From the Communications pull-down menu, choose RSWho.

plc programming plc

The USB port driver appears

plc programming VirtualChasisDriver plc

Your controller appears under two drivers, a virtual chassis and the USB port. You can use either driver to browse to your controller.