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Create user-defined fault

Logix Designer Faults

To suspend (shut down) the controller based on the conditions in the application, create a user-defined major fault. User-defined main faults:

  • Fault type =
  • Define the fault value to choose a value between 990 and 999. Logix Designer reserves these codes for user-defined faults.
  • The controller is handled in the same way as other major faults:
    • The controller switches to programming mode and stops executing logic.
    • Set output to configuration state or fault value

When Tag_1.0 = 1, produce a major fault and generate a fault code of 999.

To create a user-defined major fault:

  1.  Create a fault routine for the program if one does not
  2. Configure the program to use the fault routine if it is not already
  3. In the main routine of the program, enter this rung, where:


  • Tag_1.0 is the tag used to initiate the fault
  • Fault_Routine_1 is the fault routine of the program
  • 999 is the value of the fault code

plc programming fltroutine plc

  1. When a major failure occurs, the controller enters the failure mode. The output enters a fault state. The Major Fault tab in the Controller Properties dialog shows code 999.