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RSLinx configuration and Connect to PLC

RSLinx PLC Configuration

Open up RSLinx program and click Communications > Configure Drivers and Select the virtual backplane driver in the list.

plc programming img 5f063488a315a plc

You will all driver types. Choose Virtual Backplane driver.

plc programming img 5f063548c1dae plc

Choose a name for the driver.Then click OK button.

plc programming img 5f063581427e8 plc

After configure virtual backplane you will see status of driver.

Status should be running if everything is ok.

plc programming img 5f0635f9111be plc

Then you can close the windows via close button.

Click to RSWho button on RSLinx main interface.

plc programming img 5f06366e632d8 plc

You should see controller what you added on emulator. For example, we was added a controller on slot 7 and we download plc program to plc controller on this slot.

plc programming img 5f06365e547ea plc

We can ready to download plc program.

Open the Studio 5000 program Comminucations -> Who Active

plc programming img 5f06372b61af9 plc

And choose the driver and controller .

plc programming img 5f063780b86fb plc

If you click Go Online button : you can online the plc but there is no plc program on slot 7 so we should choose download.

If you click to download , plc program will send to PLC Cpu.


plc programming img 5f0637f5642f2 plc

Continue with download button and download program to controller.

After download program you will be online automatically. then if you want to run plc program you should click to Rem Prog. then plc program mode list will open.

In this list choose Run Mode.

plc programming img 5f063852811ed plc

Then click YES button.

plc programming img 5f0638b9ba99a plc

Now we are online to PLC. You can edit the rungs or you can simulate plc program.

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