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Factorytalk View Site Edition

Available FactoryTalk View SE application types are:

  • Network Distributed
  • Network Station
  • Local Station.

plc programming ftview plc

FactoryTalk View Studio is the development environment for all FactoryTalk View applications.

plc programming ftstudio plc

This type of application allows a client/server architecture (multiple clients and server computers), allows you to have multiple HMI servers (local/remote), multiple clients (local/remote), and enables your The HMI server is redundant. You can also have data server redundancy (local/remote), or you can place them on a remote computer.

plc programming ftviewse plc


Create and Desing a display page on FTView. Existing HMI screens can be imported to FTView.

plc programming FtviewSeDisplay plc

Prepared pages are published to be visualized / controlled via web interface (FTView Point) by using tablet ,computer or smart phone.

plc programming viewpoint2 plc

After choose page publish.. In this section you can set pages properties Web Enable, Initial Display or Mobile Enable ..

plc programming FtviewPublishPage plc