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BootP DHCP EtherNet/IP Tool

BootP DHCP Usage

This tools useful for assign an IP address via DHCP and BOOTP for Allen Bradley products.

1.  Connect your PLC and your PC to an Ethernet switch.
2.  Go to Start Menu > Rockwell Software > BOOTP-DHCP Server and select the program BOOTP-DHCP Server. Your shortcut may vary on your computer but this is the default for this shortcut.
plc programming 1 plc

3.  Within a few seconds you will see your device begin to make requests for an address.


plc programming 2 plc

4.  Select one of the requests out of the “Request History” and press the “Add to Relation List”. Enter the IP Address you wish to assign to the device and press OK. For this example, the IP Address is but yours will be different depending on your network configuration.

plc programming 3 plc

5.  In the lower half of the screen you will now see your device added to the “Relation List”.

plc programming 4 plc

6.  Within a few seconds you will see your device request an IP Address again only this time you will see the IP Address you assigned in the “IP Address” column. You are now ready to configure RsLinx.

plc programming 5 plc