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Beckhoff Twincat 3 Project

plc programming twincat XAE plc

After installing TwinCAT 3 on your computer,

The TwinCAT 3 icon will appear in the lower right corner.

In the menu that opens by right-clicking the icon,  select the TwinCAT XAE option to open a new project.





plc programming Create twincat project plc plc programming Start twincat plc plc programming twincat system manager plc plc programming twincat settings plc


You can use the link below to download the Beckhoff Twincat 3 program.

plc programming twincat3 plc

  1. To change the hardware, you should go to Config Mode from this option.
  2. The status icon means;

Green -> Run
Blue -> Config Mod

plc programming twincatcourse plc

Under the I/O tab, the Devices tab is right-clicked and the Scan option is clicked.

plc programming twincat networkscanner plc

The scanning of the network to which the computer is connected starts with the OK button.

plc programming scanner twincat course plc

The PC will add the I / O it finds under Devices.

plc programming twincatproject plc

Standard PLC Project is selected and Add option is clicked.

plc programming plcproject plc

Various folders will come for the PLC project.

External Types: Special Twincat variables, cannot be changed,
References: Adding a library to the project
DUTs: Define the struct,
GVLs: Define global variables,
POUs: Creating program and function / function blocks
VISUs: It is useful to create a page for HMI.
PLC Task: Drafts of the Project and
Instance: Where the Inputs and Outputs are located.