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RSLogix Emulate 500 Usage

RSLogix 500 emulator program is a software simulator for SLC500 plcs. You can load your plc programs to the emulator and run and simulate without the need for real plc.

Where can I download the RSLogix 500 program?

The RSLogix program can be downloaded from the Product Download page on the Rockwell site. . You must have a valid license to download the program. You can download the program by entering the RSLogix 500 emulate license number from the download page.

After installing and running your program on the computer, the screen appears as below. This screen is the opening interface of the RSLogix 500 emulate program.

It needs RSLinx software to use Rockwell products. If you do not have RSLinx program, you cannot install and use Rockwell drivers. First of all, you need to download and install your RSLinx software on your computer. You can find how to install the RSLinx program on our site.
we first need to install the RSLinx drivers to use the RSLogix 500 emulate.

Let’s consider an example.

How to install the RSLogix 500 Emulate driver.

Run the RSLinx program on your computer and enter the Configure Drivers menus in the window that will appear.

plc programming plc

After selecting the SLC 500 (DH485) driver from the driver menu that will appear, add the driver with the Add New button.
plc programming SLC500 Emulator Driver plc

A window will appear asking you the name you will give to the driver, you can give the name you want, I left it as default.

plc programming plc

Then we see the window containing the settings of the Emulator driver.
The station number you will set here and the station number you will set on the emulator side must not be the same, otherwise, a node violation will occur. If you do the same already, it will give you a warning on the emulator side. So the station number you set here doesn’t matter.

plc programming configure slc500 dh485 emulator driver plc

After you finish all the settings, make sure that the driver you added in the driver menu says running next to it.

plc programming plc

Let’s run our RSLogix emulate program after finish configurations.

How to use RSLogix Emulate 500 program?

The main program in RSLogix program is the line where the Main program is located. Generally, Main program is rung number 2 in SLC500 and MicroLogix plc. Therefore, we can close our window by confirming our settings without changing anything.

plc programming plc

Now, let’s open our plc program by pressing the open button in the menu.

plc programming img 6097228858704 plc

After opening the RSS and ACH extension file that works with the RSLogix 500 program, click the Run button and run our plc program in the emulator.

Now it’s time to connect to the emulator with the RSLogix 500 plc program.

Run the RSLogix 500 program and then use RSLinx to connect as if you were connecting to a real PLC. Your driver name here is the name we set in the first configuration.


plc programming plc

You can reach our article on how to connect with RSLogix 500 plc program on our site.

plc programming plc