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Siemens PLC Example 4 separate buttons and motors

Siemens PLC Programming with Example

Drive motors via siemens plc

We will drive motors with four separate buttons, each motor has a different run command, and stop command.

And we will add one rule for all motors that  motors can run for more than 30 minutes,

If any motor has been on for 30 minutes, a red light will be on and that motor will stop immediately.

Engagement times of the motors are important. Because, even if the start is pressed after the stop button is pressed, every motor cannot be activated until the period that it remains active.

PLC Ladder Example

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plc programming img 5f08b507901a8 plc

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plc programming img 5f08b4c10759d plcplc programming img 5f08b541ed856 plc

plc programming img 5f08b4f2bf603 plcplc programming img 5f08b55ca463f plcplc programming img 5f08b579af120 plc

plc programming img 5f08b58c11c53 plc