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DeviceNet Scanner Error Codes

DeviceNet Scanner Errors

Numbers are significant:

  • Numbers 63 and below are node numbers
  • Numbers 64 and higher are error or status codes.

Most status codes apply to one or more devices. This is shown by alternately flashing the code and the node number. If many codes and node numbers must be shown, the display cycles through them in node number order.

The following table describes the codes. The colors have these meanings:

  • Green shows normal conditions, or abnormal conditions caused by user action.
  • Blue shows abnormal or error conditions.
  • Red shows severe errors, possibly requiring a replacement scanner.

Scanner means the scanner module showing the display, except in a few cases where another scanner is explicitly referenced (see codes 83, 87, 88).

Device means some other node on the network, typically a slave device in the scanner’s scan list. This can be another scanner’s slave-mode personality (see code 86).



Take this action

00 -63Normal operation.Do nothing. (Display shows scanner’s node address.)


Scanner failed Duplicate Node Address check. The node address is already in use.Change the scanner channel address, or change the conflicting device’s address.


Illegal data in scan list.Reconfigure scan list and remove any illegal data.


Device-stopped communicating. (Changes to 78 if device does not recover when scanner retries.)Inspect the device and verify connections.


Device does not match electronic key (vendor, product code, product type, revision) in scan list.Verify that the correct device is at this node number. Make sure that the device matches the electronic key as configured in scan list.


Data overrun on port detected.Check configuration for invalid data. Check network traffic.


No network traffic at all has been detected. (Normal if no scan list.)Create and download scan list.


No network traffic for scanner detected. (Normal if no scan list and scanner hears other traffic.)Create and download scan list.


Device’s data sizes do not match scan list.Reconfigure device or scan list for the correct transmit and receive data sizes.


Device is in scan list but does not exist, or has failed to respond to scanner’s retry after code 72.Add the device to the network, or delete or inhibit its scan list entry. See also code 72.


Scanner failed to transmit a message, usually duplicate node check (at power-up).Make sure that the scanner is connected to a valid network with at least one other node. Check for disconnected cables. Verify baud rate.


User has put scanner in IDLE mode.Set RUN bit in scanner command register. Put PLC in RUN mode.


User has put scanner in FAULT mode.Check PLC program and scanner command register.


Error in sequence of fragmented I/O messages from device.Check device configuration.


Device is returning error response when scanner attempts to initialize communications.Check scan list entry – it may specify a connection (strobe, poll, etc) not supported by device. Device may be in another scanner’s scan list.  Check device configuration. Reboot device.


Initializing communication with devices in scan list.None. This code clears when initialization is complete.


Data size larger than 255 bytes.Configure device for smaller data size.
Device’s input data size changed after initialization.Configure device for fixed size. Replace faulty device.


Device is producing zero length data (IDLE state) while channel is in RUN mode.Check device configuration and status. This is normal if device is another scanner in slave mode, and is IDLE (code 80).


Shared inputs: Device not allocated by primary scanner.Check primary scanner connection and configuration.


Shared inputs: Primary scanner has not allocated connection required by this scanner.Check that sharing scanner’s connections are the same as or a subset of primary scanner’s.
Display test at power-up or reset.No action.


ADR error.  The Device does not support Auto-Device Recovery or is not configured properly.Check configuration or disable ADR for this device.


User has disabled communication port.Check PLC program and scanner command register.


Bus-off condition detected on DeviceNet port. Scanner is detecting communication errors.Check DeviceNet connections and physical media integrity. Check system for failed devices or other possible sources of network interference. Check for conflicting baud rates.


No network power detected on DeviceNet port.Provide network power. Make sure that drop cable is providing network power to scanner DeviceNet port.


FLASH update in progress.None. Do not disconnect scanner while FLASH update is in progress.


User has halted scanner.Check ladder program and scanner command register.


Unrecoverable firmware failure.Service or replace your module.


Unrecoverable hardware failure.Service or replace your module.


RAM Test Failure.Return/Replace module.


Lost Power During FLASH Upgrade.Return/Replace module.
E5No Boot or Main Code.Return/Replace module.
E9User has flushed 1747-SDN scannerCheck command register and cycle power on SDN to recover.