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RsLogix Emulate

When you start RsLogix emulator, you will see a window like the one below.

plc programming 1 2 plc

Open the existing PLC file under the File menu or by clicking the Open icon.

plc programming 2 1 plc

After opening the file, pass the screen by typing station number.

plc programming 3 1 plc

When your PLC file is loaded into the emulator, you can run the plc program loaded into the emulator by pressing the run button.

plc programming 4 1 plc

To connect to the emulator, start the RSLinx program and then make the settings of the emulator driver as in the pictures below.

Then you can go online to plc program with RSLogix 500 program.

plc programming plc plc programming plc plc programming plc

Finally we can see our plc program on RSLinx

plc programming plc