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FactoryTalk Activation Manager

What is FactoryTalk Activation Manager, How it works?

You can manage, add, rent and manage new licenses, download licenses over the internet, and also through the factorytalk activation manager.

You can download to licence ​​on the local server or on the server and you can use it where you want.

Usually licences saved on server because of usage on different PC. Licence Backup will  be easy.

This program is needed for the license activation required for all rockwell applications.
You can also see all the licenses you have added through the factorytalk activation manager,

Click to Find Avaible Activations and find your licences there.

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Factorytalk activation manager

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You can download your licenses over the Internet by entering the serial number and product key number of your new licenses from the Get New Activations tab.

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On the Borrow Activations tab, you can temporarily rent the licenses, while there is another method to permanently assign licenses. I can share this for those who wonder later.

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In general, we have mentioned above the operations that are frequently used in FactoryTalk Activation Manager. An easy to use and useful app.